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With generational roots as naturalists, and in organic farming and ranching, our family legacies have always meant working with Nature, rather than against it.

Our ABCC systems integrate  Food, Water, and Energy processes into environmentally responsible, and economically efficient systems that can treat wastes, and remediate and restore our damaged land and water ecologies. Green and Blue make Teal, so we call our

integrated technologies

"The Teal New Deal" 

We use sustainable, full-circle, full-cycle, biomimicry systems that accelerate Nature's

own ecologies.

A good ecology results in a good economy.

No one can out-engineer Nature, so genetic-engineering is always suspect.

We use only naturally occurring lifeforms and inert elements -

no GMOs, no chemicals.

We turn waste streams into revenue streams.

Dana L. Stewart – Founder, Chairman, and Director of Marketing, ABCC


Since 1989, Dana Stewart has founded and co-founded the precursor corporations of Alliance BioConversions Company (ABCC).  Dana has established alliance partners and affiliated contractors for a variety of applications of ABCC’s non-polluting, state-of-the-art green and blue environmental technologies worldwide. Dana is instrumental in the development of the technologies and their markets. Early leadership training and background provided a unique and solid base for such research, development, and demonstration of proven and microbially enhanced processes. The integration of systems and personnel, and securing capital, are areas of expertise. Dana brought to ABCC further experience in all aspects of negotiating and administering contracts, copyrights and patents, sales and licensing, financing strategies, and regulatory agencies’ approvals. Participation in trade missions and multilateral environmental summits worldwide has established a base of strong relationships for multi-million-dollar negotiations worldwide.

Our History

In 1990, the World Bank warned that the two most important threats facing the planet and economies were clean Water and Topsoil depletion. Following the warning, ABCC began focusing on both issues, developing full-cycle, full-circle, biomimicry systems.

We began the effort of Bioconversions through ABCC's Vitaculture(c) private label line of beneficial microbial products for cleaning soil and water, and then the systems in which to use them. Microbes  are the beginning of the food chain - and they can neutralize all chemical and organic contaminants.

Microbes are the key to all of our Bioconversion processes and systems.

Big Ag is Big Chem, and there is no reason it cannot be Big Organic with -

Bio-composting, Hydroponics, Aeroponics , and Aquaponics.

ABCC's Waste-to-Energy-to-Food (W2E2F) Systems' garnered successes and approvals in the Caribbean, the Asia Pacific region, and the Middle East.

All ABCC projects produce high ROIs.

Our Belizean Interest Group (BIG) Eco-resort Developments


Many of the ABCC land and water systems were developed for the Belizean Interest Group (BIG) and the eco-resort projects in Belize, Central America. One was on a 300-acre barrier reef island, and the other on 700 acres of rainforest, with reciprocal privileges. Business Plans available.

APEC signing 3 (3).jpg
Dubai and Cairo.jpg

Go Green to Make Green

Our US Ambassador, the Ministers of US and Philippine Trade and Commerce, and the Governor of Laguna Province lent strong support and signed ABCC's contract.

Our supportive hosts, the Lootah family in Dubai, UAE, and our Egyptian partners with the Minister of Environment, Madam Islambouly.

The Belizean eco-resort effort led to combining and integrating our techs into the Waste-to-Energy-to-Food (W2E2F) systems, aimed at zero emissions, where nothing goes into the land, the air, or the water. Of the 10 processes used, 6 are proprietary to ABCC, and 4 utilize off-the-shelf equipment. ABCC has had the backing of URS, the second largest waste management engineering firm in the country, and who issued letters of Feasibility and Uniqueness for both the full Waste-to-Energy-to-Food (W2E2F) system and the ABCC BioFuels and BioSoils Farm (B&B) projects.

With the support of both parties of the US Government, we achieved approvals throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and the Middle East.

In 1997-98, ABCC signed a $100 million contract at APEC in Manila, P.I., which was the only contract signed that year. This, and many such deals throughout Asia-Pacific and China, for ABCC and most other companies, were derailed by the Asian stock market crash.

Hon Kong ICC1.PNG

ABCC supporters from China, the Philippines, India, the US, and Germany at the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Conference in Shanghai, China.

Polo photo.jpg

ABCC was awarded Lifetime membership in the prestigious Marco Polo Society in China, by UN Ambassador, Siro Polo Padolecchia's, Euro-China Group.

 Go Green to Save Green

ABCC regrouped in California and achieved MOAs with leading Native American groups to bio-convert wastes and to clean water.

ABCC also looked to help local farmers become organic and energy independent through it's BioFuels and BioSoils Farm (B&B) project.

Farmers could see costly disposal problems become profit centers. 

b&b (2).PNG

From bottom to top, left side, shows normal compost in comparison to ABCC’s BioSoils.                        

Bottom to top, right side, shows the treated dairy, loading, the Nutrilite farm, delivery to the crops.

ABCC treated the Cottonwood Dairy in Chino, California. and produced ABCC BioSoils for sale to the nearby premier organic farm in the nation, Nutrilite. They invented organic herbal supplements in 1947. With ABCC’s microbial treatment , the dairy reported no Mastitis, no hoof rot, no odor, no pests, and a 50% reduction in the average mortality rate. We think microbial treatment works as well, or better, for poultry and other livestock.

The dairy fed the cows probiotics, rather than antibiotics - An effective policy.

So, ABCC took it's 2 simplest, and most revenue generating systems, for the ABCC BioFuels and BioSoils (B&B) Farm project which is also a Waste-to-Energy-to-Food (W2E2F) system. The B&B business model continued to be expanded for a Nevada site to include BioChar(c) and BioGraphene(c) development from the ABCC BioPellets(c), made from construction debris and wood wastes. BioPellets (and BioChar) have been used to replace coal (with 80% less emissions) and even nuclear energy because of the lack of nuclear wastes remediation. There is a microbe found in Yellowstone geysers that can metabolize those wastes, called Radio Durans, that could perhaps be scaled up and brewed for use. We are opposed to furthering nuclear energy projects. 

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, it is the most expensive and deadly way to boil water! The money and efforts for nuclear fusion would be better spent on building-integrated energy… Eco-solutions that are here NOW.

Our primary aim is to assure clean Food, Water, and Energy security

for our communities, our nation, and our planet.

This can preclude conflict over resources, and the most polluting of all human

activity, War.

Stop War. Stop Warming.

Young people care especially. They know that they are inheriting this world. They have a special inter-species affection, especially with young animals, and enjoy seeing them in their varied habitats. Parents love to show them the treasures of Nature and now eco-tourism is the fastest growing segment of tourism. They take great joy in shooting ildlife with cameras, not guns.


They are concerned that these wondrous beings are being hunted into extinction and they take action to restore lands and oceans to help their fellow creatures to thrive. They know we are all connnected. We trust that they will find many ways to participate through this website.

Biodiversity — short for biological diversity — is the incredible variety of life on Earth, encompassing the tiniest microbes to the most majestic animals on the planet. And it's not just about rare or endangered species, it's everything from genes and bacteria to entire ecosystems like forests and coral reefs.


Biodiversity is crucial for people and our planet, and without it we couldn’t survive, providing us with the essentials like food, clean water, and even medicine.

Global Citizen (.org)

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